LUNDHS Real Stone – 100% Natural Stone for kitchen work surfaces, originated between the Norwegian fjords and beautiful woods.

The Summer House

After months of harsh winter, the brief Scandinavian summer is a bright, lush and long-awaited time of year.

The Secret Ingredient

If you enjoy prepping pastry, pie crusts, and kneading and rolling out dough, a silk finish on your Lundhs real stone surface is the perfect choice for you. In bright daylight the surface will appear soft and subtle, still bringing out the gently sparkling bluish crystals.

The Clean Slate

Contemporary Scandinavian architecture and open plan living combined, emphasised by bright walls and light reflecting surfaces.

The Social Hub

A modern family kitchen is the hub of the household. It’s the weekday launch pad and the weekend retreat.



LUNDHS Royal a unique blend of large crystals and bright blue colour. This natural stone is exclusively harvested by Lundhs.


LUNDHS blue is also known as the “Original Blue Pearl”, and has a unique surface of blue feldspar crystals.


Lundhs Emerald is among the world’s most popular natural stones for kitchen work surfaces.


Strong, durable, and exclusive. Those are some of the many reasons to choose LUNDHS Antique for you kitchen work surface.

Your certificate of authenticity

LUNDHS Real Stone is the first natural stone that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

LUNDHS Real Stone – Unique, Scandinavian and Authentic!

Lundhs - Lifelong lustre

The true value of a material comes to life once it’s made into an object that is desirable, functional and has a craftmanship context to it. Natural stone has been used for thousands of years for many building applications and still remains the perfect material for modern worktops.

Real Stone

Crafted by nature 300 million years ago, all Lundhs worktops share the rock solid qualities that makes them the perfect choice for your  modern working surface. Still, no two worktops are identical. The complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals differ from one slab of rock to another, creating subtle distinctions that makes each and every LUNDHS Real Stone surface unique. The first natural stone that comes with a certificate of authenticity. You will be sure you get the stone you asked for.

Real quality

From Lundhs quarries only the highest quality blocks are sent to factories for work surface processing. Our comprehensive quality control makes 100% certain that the LUNDHS Real Stone you choose for your kitchen work surface is of impeccable quality. Picking the perfect stone takes a well trained eye and specialised knowledge. Our quality inspectors identify the smallest flaws, using both skill and the intuitiveness that comes from years of experience.

Your Choice

LUNDHS Real Stone offers you the possibility to create tailor made work surfaces of the highest quality. With the choice of four colours, two distinct surface finishes and different edge profiles, you have a range of options to perfectly suit your favourite interior style.

Statistics & Facts

The Mohs hardness scale is used to show and compare the hardness of different minerals. It characterises the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. Here we have used the mohs scale combined. Mohs scale can also be used to show the hardness of other materials and on this scale you can see the hardness of everyday items compared to kitchen worktop materials.

LUNDHS Real Stone has very low water absorption
Areas like countertops, facades and flooring are all surfaces which is exposed to spill and environments that are affected by absorption. The lower value, the higher resitance to frost damages or discolouring from spill of liquids.

LUNDHS Real Stone has a flexural strength suitable for kitchen worksurfaces
Flexural strength (bending strength) is used to decide if a material is suitable for areas where panels are exposed to bending, such as façade panels and countertops. The flexural strength for façade panels should minimum be 10 mpa. Man made materials like Silestone will often have a higher flexural strength than natural stone, making it easier to produce thin worksurfaces.

LUNDHS Reals Stone has good resistance against abrasion (low value means good resistance)
Abrasion resistance is used to decide if a material is suitable for areas such as flooring, stairs or worksurfaces. Low value means good resistance.

ProductWater absorptionFlexural StrengthAbrasion resistance
LUNDHS Blue0,0414,8 mpa16 mm
LUNDHS Royal0,0811,5 mpa16 mm
LUNDHS Emerald0,1411,5 mpa16 mm
LUNDHS Antique0,0713,0 mpa17 mm
Other popular granites0,15-0,5012-25 mpa10-20 mm
Silestone0,0345,0 mpa25 mm

The measurements are made by SINTEF* in Norway.

* SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research concern that possesses international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences, and our aim is to become the most renowned contract research institution in Europe.

Do you want to go deeper into the technical qualities of Lundhs natural stones? – please visit, here you will find TDS for all available materials worldwide.

300 million years ago

Crafted by nature

Larvikite is the product of minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat and preasure, before slowly cooling down, creating one of the worlds most unique feldspars.

10 000 years ago

The stoneage

With the last large ice sheets covering Scandinavia retreating, the rock formations containing Larvikite is revealed for the first time in over 100 000 years.

100 years ago

Land of opportunites

The turn of the century sees the first commercial quarrying of Larvikite, cherished for its beauty and durability.


New possibilities

With craftsmanship knowledge from three generations of quarrying, LUNDHS AS was founded by Thor Lundh in 1962. Blocks of Larvikite were exported to Belgium, France, and Germany.


Refined for living

Refined with impeccable craftsmanship, the range of Lundhs Real Stone all share an alluring beauty and rock solid qualities – making them the perfect choice for your modern working surface.

  1. 300 million years ago
  2. 10 000 years ago
  3. 100 years ago
  4. 1962
  5. Today


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